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Maintain animal health and milk quality

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Support healthy animals for the freshest milk

Meet your production goals

Happy and healthy animals produce quality milk. At Advanced Dairy, you’ll find a wide array of health, cleaning, and grooming products as well as supplements and sanitation supplies to maintain healthy animals and a clean parlor.


Advanced Dairy is proud to offer you the best in utter cleaning supplies, hoof care and cleaning, and even cow brushes and grooming supplies to ensure the health of your animals and quality of your milk.


To further quality control, we carry additional hygienic sanitizing treatments and animal care products so your animals can enjoy a clean, comfortable environment.

The comfort of your animals is as important as the effectiveness of your parlor. When you’re dealing with micro-organism growth or a bacteria buildup, or your animals are in less than optimal health, your yield suffers.


The team at Advanced Dairy is skilled in troubleshooting weaknesses in your production. We also have animal experts on staff to get to the root of the problem and increase production by testing somatic cell count and treating any health problems.

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