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Retain milk quality with cooling and refrigeration

Keep your dairy supply cool and fresh

Rapid cooling and storage

At Advanced Dairy, we have what you need to rapidly chill your milk and preserve optimum freshness after extraction. We supply a wide range of equipment to chill your milk and extract and recover its heat for use elsewhere on your farm.


Our rapid cooling systems also discourage microorganism growth so that your milk retains its taste and freshness and it is safe for human consumption.


As part of your milking parlor set-up, ask us about making room for cooling equipment.

We are experts in the sales, installation and service of high-quality, energy-efficient DeLaval equipment. DeLaval offers the widest variety of energy-efficient, on-farm cooling and storage and is a great addition to your milking parlor for producing the highest quality milk.


If you need more storage options for transport, give us a call for delivery supplies, bulk tanks, barrels and more, making it easy to get your milk distributed wherever you choose.

We install and service cooling equipment! Call us for your FREE consultation.