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Upgrade your milking parlor

milking parlor

New equipment and parlor installation

Taking your parlor from start to finish

Are you ready to install new milking parlor equipment or upgrade your current milking parlor? Enlist the help of the expert installers at Advanced Dairy to install your new equipment to fit your production goals and your budget.


Whether you just need to replace a few pieces of equipment or you’re looking to outfit a whole building with a new system, you’ll appreciate our work as we take your project from start to finish.  


We can bring you the efficiency of a new system and help you exceed your goals!

There are many factors that our experts must take into account when the installation of a new system is requested like building size and location and the number of animals that can comfortably occupy the building during operation.


Leave the planning and design of your new milking parlor to our experts. We can come up with a plan for you that will ensure that your system is as efficient as possible while allowing you to safely monitor your processes and the well-being of your animals. We even offer FREE project bidding that includes the installation of rotary and robotic milking parlors.

Get FREE project bidding on new parlor systems when you call us today!


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