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Why use a rotary parlor system?


Experience the simplicity of rotary milking

Complete management and control

A rotary system is a great option for you if you have a large herd of animals to milk before the end of each day and is one of the most efficient milking systems on the market today. A rotary system is easily operated and is designed to accommodate a continuous flow of animals entering and exiting the rotary until all milking is complete.


Because a rotary system requires fewer operators and runs consistently allowing your animals to enter and exit on their own, it’s an easy and time-conscious way to perform milking at part of your daily routine.

If you’re looking at installing a cost-effective and customizable milking parlor, a rotary system may be the solution for you! Rotary systems offer easy and complete management of your employees and animals and are easily installed to suit your building in the most efficient way possible.


Advanced Dairy can offer you FREE project bidding on your new system installation and determine if a rotary system is right for based on your needs, production goals, and building size.  

Not sure if a rotary system is right for you? Call us now for your FREE consultation!


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